Review of Honda H’ness CB350 vs Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Comparison – Who Wins?

Honda H’Ness CB350 and Royal Enfield Classic 350, these bikes from two different companies, are being compared. The competition is based on the sales figure, ride comfort, toughness, ability to negotiate different roads, etc. Honda recognizes the top slot occupied by Royal Enfield Meteor 350 and Royal Enfield Classic 350 and it’s trying to dethrone it. 

Royal Enfield from the segment of 350 is being tried by Honda to replace it from its top position. What this Honda H’Ness CB 350 has to offer compared to the Royal Enfield should be known in the first place. 


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The Royal Enfield classic 350 bike has a monthly sale of around 50, 000 bikes. Royal Enfield had also introduced Royal Enfield Meteor 350. The chassis is a new one. Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India have been keenly watching this segment of the Royal Enfield bike. For this very purpose, Honda H’Ness CB 350 has come in. It is to be seen whether Honda CB 350 has all that it takes to give Royal Enfield the competition that would dethrone it from the segment. It has been inspired by the roadsters of the ’60s and ’70s. The round headlight has a classic appeal. This bike has a nice finish and a good visual appeal. The name H’Ness though sounds a bit weird. The Royal Enfield, despite some changes, retains the visual of Thunderbird 350. Some little makeovers can be spotted if examined very closely. There are rotary switches. The handgrips are tapered that looks like an old world. It offers easy to hold. There are some new colours added and the instrument console is also new. 

The Honda is relatively more compact between these bikes Honda CB350 is neat and there are clear lines. It looks well-balanced and proportioned well. There are alloy wheels and there are tubeless tyres from MRF. The fenders have been given the chrome finish. The exhaust is upswept and chromed. The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 on the other hand looks like a cruiser. The seats are low and the fuel tank is shaped like a teardrop. It is not as classy as the Classic 350.

These bikes have one thing in common. Both the bikes are 350cc and single cylinder. There is a thumping sound. Both these bikes have almost identical cruising ability. Honda’s engine has been so designed as to produce a similar thumping sound like a Royal Enfield. The Honda has a 350 cc air-cooled engine. The power is at 20.8bhp at 5500 rpm. The torque is 30Nm that is better than other bikes of the segment. The Royal Enfield engine runs at lower speed without any knocks. That way it is better than the Honda H’Ness 350. The top speed of Honda is greater than the Enfield. 

Honda is lighter than Enfield. When you drive Honda, it feels more agile comparatively. The turning radius of Honda is also better. Honda has a light clutch and here it beats the Royal Enfield. Royal Enfield has a higher ground clearance. The bike gives you a stable and stronger feel. 


There is one single analogue speedometer in Honda H’Ness CB 350. It has a digital screen also with many details of the information. It contains a clock, fuel gauge, battery voltmeter, gear position, distance to empty and mileage. It has Bluetooth connectivity. It is known as Honda smartphone system.


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