DIY – How To Apply Jack In A Car


Planning a weekend trip to your dream destination? Well, that sounds a good idea, but if you don’t know how to change flat tyres using a jack, it might ruin your trip. So, why not change a flat tyre yourself? Here are some easy tips, have a look:

How To Apply Jack In A Car

● Always carry a car manual with you. It’s kind of boring we know, but can be a life saviour at times.

● Check if you are having a spare tyre and jack at the rear of your car.

●  In case of changing a flat tyre first park your car at the side of the road.

● Make sure that your car is on leveled ground as it will help you in easily changing the tyre.

● Now get to the real work. Take out that jack, spare tyre & other necessary instruments.

● First block car wheels using a brick/log, so that it won’t move and also apply hand brake, and put the car in gear while applying jack.

● Put jack on a protruding out solid frame which is beneath the car, just below the door.

● Make sure that jack is placed perfectly under the car and on a level surface. Or else, it may hurt you as well as your car.

● Start lifting the jack and go until you find that you are now in a position to take out the flat tyre.

● Loosen the nut bolts and take out flattened tyre.

● Replace the flat tyre with an inflated one, tighten the nut bolts, though not so hard.

● Once you are done with the tyre changing lower down the jack.

● Now tighten the nuts very hard in a clockwise direction.

● Now remove the jack completely once the car is on the ground.

Well, now you are good to go. Have a great trip ahead.

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Ankit verma

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