Highest Ground Clearance Hatchbacks 2022

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Ground Clearance in a layman’s language is the shortest distance between the road surface and the lower part of the vehicle. It’s important because it enables cars to seamlessly navigate through poor road conditions, potholes, and off-road terrains without scratching the underbody. 


Thinking about Indian Roads with massive speed breakers and relatively bigger potholes – good ground clearance is important for taking on roads quietly. Indian streets are just about as assorted as the flora and fauna of the country. In addition to the fact that they are filled with potholes, sometimes the street even stops existing. This makes it very challenging to navigate these unkempt streets, particularly if you’re driving a vehicle with low ground clearance.


Presently, hatchbacks are the most sold vehicle plans in India. Their little and compact space makes it simple to maintain, and steer out of close traffic circumstances without any problem. Not all hatchbacks are great, and good ground clearance is one of their most important aspects. In this way, we have aggregated a list of 10 hatchbacks with amazing ground clearance that work smoothly on Indian roads. 


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Top Highest Ground Clearance Hatchbacks In India

Here is a list of the top hatchbacks with the most noteworthy ground clearance to guarantee that drivers have the best insights while driving on extreme landscapes:



  • Ford Freestyle Ground Clearance – 190 mm

Ford Freestyle Ground Clearance - 190 mm

The hatchback with the maximum ground clearance of 190mm, Ford Freestyle offers great suspension. It is a crossover between SUV and hatchback, making it a compact utility vehicle or CUV. The car is the best fit for off-roading and rough road conditions. The 5-speed manual drive vehicle offers an amazing driving experience on Indian roads. The hatchback also offers a great cornering radius ensuring that no damage occurs while turning.


  • Datsun RediGo Ground Clearance – 187mm

Datsun RediGo Ground Clearance - 187mm

With a ground clearance of 187mm, Datsun RediGo is an amazing option for people who want to stay free from the challenges of driving on Indian streets. It is an affordable option for the consumer segment of the Hatchback market. The car offers a mileage of 22 kmpl, one of the best in the industry. It has a 5-speed automatic gearbox, which takes the car to high speeds without disrupting the comfort and stability.


  • Renault Kwid Ground Clearance – 184mm

Renault Kwid Ground Clearance - 184mm

Definitely a winner in terms of looks, Renault Kwid is India’s best choice of a hatchback with a ground clearance of 184mm. It is one of the leading preferences after the Maruti Suzuki Alto in the segment. The gear knob is similar to that of the LandRover Range Rover, along with other aesthetically appealing interior features. The car offers a similar mileage as that of the Redi-Go – in the range of 20kmpl to 22kmpl.


  • Maruti S-Presso Ground Clearance – 180mm

Maruti S-Presso Ground Clearance - 180mm

With a ground clearance of 180mm, Maruti S-Presso is the 4th best hatchback in this category. With the look of an SUV and the features of an off-roading vehicle, it is the perfect package for hatchback lovers. The car has a 5-speed manual transmission and offers amazing capabilities to drive on Indian roads. It has a plastic-engrossed lower body that prevents any scratches that might occur from the road surface.


  • Maruti Ignis Ground Clearance – 180mm


In the same category as the S-Presso, Maruti Ignis offers a ground clearance of 180mm and is a wonderful car in the hatchback segment. Ignis offers much better features than the S-Presso, which is why several consumers prefer this car over the previous one. For the features and functionalities, the car offers an amazing 21kmpl of mileage. Ignis matches the stance of an SUV, making it a great option for off-roading lovers.


  • Hyundai i20 Ground Clearance – 170mm

Hyundai i20 Ground Clearance - 170mm
One of the most loved hatchbacks of an entire generation, the Hyundai i20 comes with a standard ground clearance of 170mm. It is a premium and sporty car that offers a smooth and comfortable ride on Indian roads. The car offers a mileage of 22 kmpl and runs swiftly on off-road terrains as well. It has an aluminium body material mix, which makes it a great choice for luxury hatchback drivers as well.


  • Tata Tiago Ground Clearance – 170mm

Tata Tiago Ground Clearance - 170mm

In the same range as the Hyundai i20, Tiago also offers a ground clearance of 170mm. It is considered to be the best hatchback from Tata until now. Apart from the ground clearance, the car also offers great wheel and space dimensions as well. It offers an amazing mileage of 26 km/kg (ARAI), which is one of the highest in the segment. Tiago is a revolutionary car with a 5-speed manual transmission, enabling drivers to obtain a swift and comfortable drive on Indian roads.



Wrapping Up

While most hatchbacks are intended to give a compact and classic look, ground clearance is a significant component to consider. It is generally on the grounds that individuals like to take vehicles off-road and on rough streets and experience terrain driving. In this manner, any of the above hatchbacks that match the need to drive on Indian roads with potholes and dirt tracks is a great choice for the consumer. 


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Which is the best Hatchback with the highest ground clearance?
    Ford Freestyle has the maximum ground clearance of 190mm in the hatchback segment, just followed by the Datsun Redi-Go with a ground clearance of 187mm.
  • How much should be the ground clearance for a hatchback?
    The general ground clearance of a hatchback should be 170mm. Any below that might present problems while driving on off-road conditions and sometimes on highways as well.
  • Which is the cheapest hatchback with high ground clearance?
    Datsun Redi-Go is the cheapest hatchback with a ground clearance of 187mm. It comes in the price range of Rs. 3.8 lakhs to Rs. 5.2 lakhs.
  • How do I determine which high ground clearance hatchback I should get?
    You should understand the purpose of your driving. For city roads, a low ground clearance may also work. However, if your regular commute is on rough roads, then high ground clearance is a necessity.
  • Should I get an SUV or Hatchback for ground clearance?
    An SUV has a higher ground clearance than a hatchback. They are built for the purpose of driving on rough terrains and enjoying the offroading experience. Hatchbacks are better known for their affordability and regular usage on city roads. 


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