Birla S49+ Scooter Tyre Review, Price, Performance, Sizes, Warranty & More!


Birla S49+ Scooter Tyre Overview 

When it comes to reliability and consistency Birla Tyres is one of the most trusted names in the Indian tyre domain. The Kolkata based homegrown tyre manufacturer is a part of well-known Kesoram Industries Limited. There are many OEMs that trust Birla Tyres for their hard wearing and superior quality tyres. These include the likes of Bajaj, Hero, Honda, Mahindra, Royal Enfield, Suzuki, TVS and Yamaha. As longevity and durability are their major USP, they are very popular among the fleet operators in the country, who seek for long-term reliability and low running costs.

In particular, as far as the two-wheeler segment is concerned, Birla Tyres are quite well admired in the commuter segment, especially in the scooter tyre arena. The drastic acceptance that automatic scooters have garnered over the last five years has forced Birla Tyres to innovate in the scooter tyre segment. There are five tyre models in the scooter category i.e. Birla S49+, Birla S61+, Birla S62+, Birla S63+ and Birla S65+. Out of these, Birla S49+ scooter tyre is tagged as a premium scooter tyre. The Birla S49 Plus tyre is made available in varied sizes and carries a host of features.

Birla S49+ Tyre Compound

The rubber compound used in the manufacturing of Birla S49+ scooter tyre is a unique amalgamation of various hard and soft rubber mixtures. This blend provides long tread life, better fuel efficiency and fantastic grip over the road surface.

Birla S49+ Tyre Construction Type

Birla S49+ Scooter Tyre Review

The Birla S49+ scooter tyre comes with bias ply construction. In terms of appearance, the premium scooter tyre from Birla Tyres is endowed with an impressive looking tread pattern that facilitates the tyre to perform well under dry and wet weather conditions. The S49+ is offered in tube type structure and is made available for the front and rear fitment.

Birla S49+ Tyre Performance

The premium scooter tyre Birla S49+ is crafted to suit Indian road conditions. It gets low knob tread design with supple sidewall and reinforced carcass for better grip and handling on the road in any condition. The tread design of tyre is such that it can easily perform well on any terrain – off road and on road. Moreover, the puncture resistance aspect too adds to the handiness. With hard wearing and reinforced carcass, Birla S49+ tyres are suitable for heavy duty and provide appropriate traction on trails and dirt roads. Furthermore, the all-terrain groove pattern assists in enhanced water evacuation under wet conditions coupled with excellent grip under dry/cold conditions.

Birla S49+ Tyre Available Sizes

The Birla S49+ scooter tyre is available in the following sizes:

Available Sizes Construction Type Shop Birla S49+ Now
3.50-10 Tube Type BUY HERE
90/100-10 Tube Type BUY HERE

Birla S49+ Tyre Fuel Efficiency Factor

Birla Tyres are formulated in such a way that they not only provide consumers with long tread life, but also with better fuel efficiency. And S49 Plus scooter tyre is no different. The premium scooter tyre features hard wearing rubber compound ensures healthier fuel efficiency as well as better tyre life.

Birla S49+ Tyre Price

Birla Tyres synonym with value for money price tag and same goes with the Birla S49+ scooter tyre. In spite of being a premium scooter tyre, it is priced very sensibly. The 3.50-10 tyre price falls approximately at Rs 1000-1200 per tyre, whilst, the best selling 90/100-10 tyre is labelled at around Rs 1800 per tyre for the front and rear fitment.

To shop Birla S49+ scooter tyre you can log on to or call +91-8088090090.

Birla S49+ Tyre Speed Rating

In the mass segment scooter category speed rating doesn’t matter much. However, still the Birla S49+ tyre is provided with a ‘J’ speed rating. The ‘J’ here means that the tyre can be driven at a maximum speed of 100 km/h with given load capacity.

Birla S49+ Tyre Warranty

Birla S49+ scooter tyre comes with a standard warranty of 5 years.

Birla S49+ Tyre Competitors

There are many competitors in the thriving scooter tyre segment. Here Birla S49+ tyre locks horns with the likes of Apollo Acti Grip S3 D, CEAT Zoom D, TVS Conta 625, and many others.


Taking all the aspects into consideration, the Birla S49+ scooter tyre emerges as a champion in all the decisive factors.  The tyre has got fantastic block tread pattern which is just apt to face the wrath thrown by the dry and wet weather conditions. Moreover, its supple yet rigid side walls promise comfortable and confident ride on potholed and bumpy surfaces. Therefore, if you are someone who is up for a premium scooter tyre with pleasing overall performance and sensible price tag, Birla S49+ is the tyre to go for.

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